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Project Save: The Revitalization of Gadsden High School

Gadsden High has been a fixture in the city of Gadsden since 1924. Rising from the ashes of the 1972 fire, she still stands as a symbol of history, strength, and pride for each student and faculty member who have walked her storied halls. This fixture of our past is now in danger of being lost. The consolidation of the city’s three high schools in 2006 has left many parts of the campus vacant. The upkeep of the building is an enormous financial strain on the school system. Maintenance and upkeep costs are steadily rising and the future of our beloved school is uncertain.

Project Save is an initiative started by Superintendent Tony Reddick and the Gadsden City Alternative School faculty, to revitalize Gadsden High School to her former glory and open her doors for city-wide events, training, class reunions, and a multitude of outdoor events that can be held in two outdoor spaces: Murphree Stadium and the central courtyard. Gadsden High School will continue to house academic learning centers and provide resources for students and individuals in the community. This includes career placement, post-secondary education prep/guidance, acquiring credits for graduation via the Second Chance Program, and alternative means of earning a high school diploma.

Ideas and projects are underway but we need YOUR help and support to reach our goals. In the coming days, we will present additional information on Project Save. We will also begin fundraising activities and volunteer opportunities. This is a collaborative effort and we encourage all GHS alumni and concerned parties to become involved. Your commitment and support of this initiative are paramount to its success.

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Although Gadsden High school closed in 2006, due to school consolidation, its doors have remained open.
She currently houses Gadsden City Alternative School, the SPAN program, and employees of the Gadsden City School System.

Over the years there have been changes, but many of the familiar images, and objects remain- evoking a strong sense of nostalgia.

If you would like to share personal memories or photos OR if you would like additional information on Project Save please complete the contact form below.
You may also call the main office at (256) 547-5446

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