Gadsden City Alternative School

Second Chance Program

Helping students Achieve Graduation and Career Goals


General Information & Requirements

The Second Chance program is a nontraditional program established to meet the demands of student populations whose needs may not be effectively met in the traditional school setting. Second Chance Program also provides solutions for students at risk of dropping out of school. The causes include, but are not limited to: truancy, lack of credits, home responsibilities, or any other justifiable cause. The program offers the following accommodations:

  • An accelerated curriculum.
  • An individualized curriculum to address the specific needs of each student enrolled in Second Chance.
  • A modified school day for working students. The modified schedule accommodates students who must provide needed income to their households. The schedule is also designed for student mothers and other student needs to be justified by a modified day.
  • A technology-based curriculum. This option is provided for students with at-home internet access.
  • Academic and career counseling provided by a certified school counselor and social counseling provided by an at-risk counselor.

Meet Mrs. Taylor

  • Mrs. C. Taylor
  • Second Chance Facilitator
  • Gadsden City Alternative School

Hello, I am Mrs. Taylor. I am the Second Chance Program facilitator and I also help students plan for life after high school-either college, military, or workforce prep. The Second Chance program is very rigorous and demanding. In order to succeed students must be responsible and determined to reach their graduation goals.

Along with teacher-led instruction, students have access to the Aztec program, IXL, and Odysseyware. These programs help students review current skills while providing additional practice with current standards and objectives.

I am committed to helping students complete their goals and create bright futures with limitless possibilities.
Have a Great year & Good Luck!​​