Gadsden City Alternative School

Student Parent Entrance Information & Expectations

What You Should Know…

During your student’s placement at the Alternative school, the focus is not only placed on academic achievement, but also on the following areas:

  • Demonstrating positive conflict resolution skills
  • Demonstrating respect and tolerance in a diverse setting
  • Improving self-esteem & positive decision making
  • Weighing consequences & taking responsibility for personal action(s)

General Information for Parents & Students

  • Students placed at Gadsden City Alternative School are assigned for a minimum of 25 days. A student must complete this requirement before a return to his/her home school can be considered.
  • Home school principals refer students to the alternative school through the Gadsden City Board of Education.
  • The board has established a committee that determines if alternative school placement is warranted.
  • A student’s return to the home school is determined by Ebony Pearson, school administrator, and approved by the board. A student’s behavior and progress are the major determining factors.

Students may be referred to the Gadsden City Alternative School for the following reasons:

  • excessive disciplinary referrals
  • drugs
  • weapons
  • sexual acts
  • threats
  • fighting
  • disorderly conduct
  • stealing
  • destroying school property
  • any other infraction(s) that may be considered a 3rd level offense